Frequently Asked Questions

The LeccEcclesiae’s ticket office is in the Cathedral square (Piazza del Duomo), at the entrance of the Ancient Seminary. You can also buy your ticket online, click HERE>

Tour operators or groups accompanied by an accredited guide, upon accreditation, can also buy their tickets online clicking HERE>

Yes. In the “assisted fares” section is indicated the price for the ticket for families composed of 2 adults with their children.

No. Every inhabitant of the Lecce diocese can go to the ticket office and, showing his/her ID document, will receive a free ticket to enter every LeccEcclesiae’s site.

No. LeccEcclesiae’s project aims at keeping open Churches for 12 hours a day and at guaranteeing the accessibility and respectability, but it does not provide a guided tour with a tour guide.
To visit the Churches with a Guide you have to address to one of the many professional associations present locally and ask for a guided tour.

No. In every church there is an altar reserved to people who want to pray. Anyone who wants, in every moment, to enter to pray can simply tell LeccEcclesiaes responsible who will allow, without any further formality, the entrance to the dedicated altar. 

No and not only: every guided tour during the celebrations will not be allowed and Churches will be opened only for all believers who want to take part in the celebrations.